Industry Perspectives: Creating Smart and Sustainable Cities

A new report published by the McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute looks at the challenges and opportunities for turning today’s cities into sustainable and livable economic powerhouses for the 21st century. Autodesk, the McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute and McGraw Hill Construction recently hosted two Roundtable discussions on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the need for enhanced infrastructure to support tomorrow’s cities. The participants in the first roundtable were senior executives who have served for many years in the architecture, engineering and construction industries, while the second group came from the next generation of leaders.


These dual perspectives on the future of cities are key as the world grapples with an increased need for infrastructure, as much as $40 trillion worth in the next 20 years. This report looks at strategies to improve how buildings and infrastructure can be planned, designed, built and maintained to create cities that are centers of innovation and economic growth.