How economics, new regulations will affect coal industry

U.S. utilities have spent billions to upgrade their coal-fired power plants to meet tough […]

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Managing Organizational Sustainability

More public and private organizations are employing sustainability practitioners, making the profession a fast-growing […]

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Featured Blog The U.S. Shale Revolution: The State of the Industry

In only its fifth year, the U.S. shale revolution continues to forge ahead full steam, transforming economic prospects across the U.S. John Kingston, Global Director of News at Platts, talks about the rapid growth of this fascinating industry with Standard & Poor’s Director Carin Dehne-Kiley (Commodities), Associate Lauren Spalten (Government Ratings), and Director Jeff Panger (Public Power) in this video. What will the growth of shale and gas mean for credit,energy pricing, state and local government finance and public utilities? The experts discuss.

Featured Blog Five Years Later: Lessons from the Financial Crisis

The deepest economic collapse in 75 years occurred because of a widespread failure across the financial system rather than a single cause, according to a new report by Jeffrey R. Shafer published by the McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute. To safeguard the economy in the future strong regulation, implementation and enforcement of systemic protections and emergency lending capabilities are needed, says Shafer, a former bank executive and Senior Treasury official.

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Green Buildings Movement Gathers Momentum in U.S.

Homes and buildings account for more than 40% of U.S. energy use, making them […]

New Solutions to Social Entrepreneurship

There is a revolution going on in the world of social change. Across the […]

Smart Healthcare Infrastructure

Stand-alone emergency departments are gaining in popularity across the U.S. and they’re bringing greater […]

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